101 Things NOT to do With a Box

Great article.

The Cognitive Canine

It’s a common conversation in my line of work, and it goes like this:

Student: “My dog is a (fill in the blank here, shut-down, crossover, fearful, anxious, etc.) dog and we just can’t get clicker training.”

Me: “Sounds challenging! I am happy to help. Tell me how you introduced clicker training.”

Student: “I loaded the clicker, and he seems to know that the click means food. But then I played 101 things to do with a box, and he never played. He just quit.”

The sad thing is that these people have done their homework. They have read the available information about introducing clicker training to their dogs. And they are still not getting anywhere. To say that is a big problem is an understatement.
For years people new to clicker training have been instructed to play the game “101 Things to do With a Box” to get their dogs…

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