DS 1 Wonder Pup                                                               Drop In/$25 per class*

For dogs up to 6 months, this class focuses on foundation skills: socialization, appropriate play, basic manners and house training. It will develop your training skills and prepares you both for the next level of training.

DS 2 Adolescent Pup                                                          6 weeks/$150

This class is for dogs 6 months and older. Attention training, loose leash walking and recall are the fundamentals of this class. It is a perfect follow-up for DS 1 and a good foundation for newly adopted dogs 6 months and older.

DS 3 Adolescent Advanced                                               Drop In/$25 per class*

This is an Advanced class for dogs that have successfully completed DS 1 & 2 or similar program. Fluency with cues, loose leash walking and recall are refined. This class can be used to get ready for CGC prep.

DS 4 Reactive Dog                                                               6 weeks/$200

This class is for reactive dogs at instructor’s invitation after a private evaluation.

DS 5 CGC Prep                                                                       6 weeks/$150

This class is for dogs that have successfully completed Adolescent Pup, a basics class or similar program.  The class will focus on the 10 elements of the Canine Good Citizen test, and prepare responsible owners and well-mannered dogs to earn their certification. Available after successfully earning your CGC are the Advanced and Urban programs.

Private Consultation                                                                $120/hour

Highly personalized training for you and your dog.  Appropriate for aggression issues.


DogSentials employs research based methods in accordance with how animals learn. Participants will develop training skills and use methods in alignment with the Humane Hierarchy.

* Packages available:  4 weeks/$90        6 weeks/$125