PRIVATE TRAINING:  Group class not for you or your dog or just doesn’t fit into your schedule?  This is  a good option for you.  It covers the basics and then some.

I will help you lay a foundation for training, making it a fun and rewarding experience for your dog and you.  Basic manners, loose leash walking and coming when called are just a few of the things you will learn.

Initial consultation                                                                                                            $120/hr

We will use this hour to find out more about your dog and define your training goals. We also determine how many follow up sessions you may need.

Follow up Private Instruction                                                                                           $60/hr

AGGRESSION:  Is your dog barking, lunging and growling at other dogs or people?  Is your dog nipping or biting?

Fee                                                                                                                                        $120/hr

Initial consultation may take up to 2 hours to learn more about your dog’s history, determine what is causing the behaviors and demonstrate ways to change those behaviors.

A one hour follow up may be scheduled one to two weeks after the intial consultation to assess progress and fine tune training. Depending on your training goals and the severity of the behavior, we will determine if additional follow ups are necessary at this time.

Fee includes travel to and from locations within 30 miles of Buffalo NY.  In aggression cases, fee also includes email and phone support after your initial consultation.


** 10% Military Discount applies to all services **