Myth Busted: Pit Bulls Don’t Bite Differently

Some great information from Animal Farm Foundation. It is RELEVANT for all breeds of dogs even though the title is specific to pitties.

In recent years, things have been looking up for the dogs we call “pit bulls” and their families. Breed specific legislation is on the way out. Shelters that discriminate against dogs based on appearance are the exception. The old wives tales that fueled canine discrimination have been debunked and dismissed.

Except for one: Some people are still perpetuating the myth that “pit bull” dogs bite differently than other dogs. Unfounded claims persist about the severity and nature of incidents involving “pit bull” dogs versus other types of dogs. Claims about the “unique damage that ‘pit bull’ dogs inflict” are made by individuals or special interest groups with no experience in analyzing dog bite-related injuries or knowledge of dog physiology or behavior.

Let’s bust this myth once and for all.

First, it must be understood that “pit bull” is not a breed. Attempts at legal definitions of what a “pit bull”…

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Deaf Dogs Don’t Bark & Other Myths Debunked

Great information on Deaf Dogs!!

Dog & His Boy

Do deaf dogs bark? deaf dog behavior, Dog & His Boy deaf dog blog, Dog and His Boy

The Myths & The Facts About Deaf Dog Behavior

Did you know that some folks in the scientific community are studying deaf dogs? When I heard this, I jumped for joy. It was a moment of excitement, relief and “I need to know more Right. This. Second!”. My brain was firing synapses so fast that I could feel them ricocheting around my brain. My entire body was tingling with excitement!

  • What about deaf dogs are they studying?
  • What are they learning?
  • Who is doing the research and how do I convince her (or him) to talk to me?

A few months ago, I stumbled across Animal Behaviorist Dr. Valeri Farmer-Dougan, PhD and her Canine Behavior and Cognition Laboratory at Illinois State University.

There wasn’t very much information on the university website about the actual research and findings that Dr. Farmer-Dougan and her team were working on, so I…

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